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Post by JaY on 17.01.08 9:00

Proper behavior on the server!
It will not be offended in any form, players or Administrators
No Chat/Voice spam on the server.
No reconnecten because bad Stats or something.
No cheating or other scripts influence the game.
Each Registered Member is allowed before his name if he wants FsE| to write!
FsE#Admin| is only for the server administrators of FsE!

General rules on the server!
Spawnkill = Min-hour Ban

Knive/Knives RPG to higher levels and faster credits to come = 24 hr / day Ban

Taktikal Killing for EXP,Credits,LvL's = Hour/Day Ban

repeated Knive/Knives = RPG-Stats Reset

Admin insult = Day - week Ban

Other insults = Day - week Ban

Racist expressions = Day - weeks Ban

Nazi porn images or sprays = Day - weeks Ban

Abuse of clan or admin name = Min-hour Ban

Other rule violations = Min-hour Ban

Cheating = Permanent Ban (4 Life Time)

Chat /Voice spamming = Mute/Ban/Kick

Sorry for my bad English Voll Dumm

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